Catching up on the simple things 

While at Walmart the other day it occurred to me that I am truly part of a generation of entitlement. People my age have no understanding on good old fashioned hard work and think that deserve something for nothing.

A gentleman, perhaps a little older than my father, saw us buying seeds and plants and overheard me say that I would pay for them because it was my project. He had two cents he felt needed to input and told my father yeah it’s her project but you’ll do all the digging. Being the type of person that I am this made upset that someone would think I am not competent enough to handle the job myself. My dad also mentioned I had two boys who wouldn’t mind helping me dig holes, because let’s face it boys, dirt, water, possibility of mud … That sounds like a good time. The older gentleman didn’t think so though.

I don’t believe that you can get something for nothing. I think that you should have to work for the things you have. It made me think of another blog that I have been reading and they mention outdoor chores by age.

I think they are all perfectly acceptable and I have begun having the boys help me with the ones that are application to our lifestyle.

We spent Thursday and Friday taking a break from the garden. I have a pile of rocks that I need to move, as my youngest has done a fabulous job helping me with the rocks. And picking up sticks has spread well beyond our own garden and yard and they now help me pick up sticks every where we go, I’m going to have to pintrest that crap and find something to do with all of them.

As I had mentioned I was going to go get my massachusetts fiahing permit. Now as a reminder for those of you who are local, it has been manditory now for a few years to have a saltwater permit. I got both salt and freshwater and they are both good until the end of December, so I will need to renew them in January should I want to do any ice fishing. All together I spent about $30, however here in New England we’ve yet to see a drop in fish prices at the markets so it will be well worth it as the stripped bass population should be arriving in the canal any time now.

The boys and I did go down to the local herring run and they are running so it’s really only a matter of time.

The boys showed a great interest in fishing as well so I am very excited to get them starter poles and get them out there with me this summer!

One of my only wishes for Mother’s Day, which by the way happy Mother’s Day to those of you readers who are moms, was to get into my garden.

The majority of my live plants that had been await transplant are now in the ground and with perfect timing we are sue to get thunderstorms any moment, so I did cover them to protect the integrity of their stalks as they are so young. I did sick each of them for about twenty minutes in their jiffy pots so they would have more than enough water goingn into the ground and then I did water their top soils and surrounding soil as well.

All and all its been a great few days thank you so much again for following me on my family’s journey into a homestead lifestyle. I promise you that we will be doing upcycled tire planters in the next few days with the boys for those of you who are waiting
As always peace,happiness, and salvation a

God bless



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