Happy Wednesday Readers 

Good morning everyone! 

It’s my Wednesday, which I spend the greater part of my morning at the hospital.  


fort building!

We have been spending the last few days playing outdoors and really just being little boys.  The fun part of the past few days has been building a fort with the boys.  It was definitely not anything that special, we are saving that project for later in the summer.  To avoid hurting the tree we used twine to attach the three main branches to our clump of three trees. Over that we just collected several other branches of other sizes to lay over the three we had tied to the tree and use as a roof.  It was completed in about 15 minutes and for two little boys under the age of 5 they were happier than a pig in mud.  It also begins to teach them basic survival skills. 


helping pup til the soil

Yesterday we had help in the garden getting more seeds in.  We got in our asparagus, beets and green beans. We also changed our garden layout which has me discombobulated! Planning, so important.  Beets do rather well in our area and they are an item that we really do have to plan and then thin to space needs. Unlike green beans where we know they are a sure thing with no matter what we plant we do plant them further apart to begin with and have about 100% success rate. 


beets and beans

I like to do a lot of wood reclaiming.  I don’t feel that it is always necessary to buy new wood for projects.  It’s simply better for our forests and it can give things a little flare, flare that some people pay a great deal of money for.  

I found this board that has the word sanidas carved into it.  I’ve decided to keep it, try to change that last s to a d because sanidas in Spanish means health. And I can’t think of anything healthier than eating things you’ve grown yourself.  
I have more bushes and plants soaking for planting tonight! Until tomorrow or next time as always 

Peace, happiness and salvation, God bless, 



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