Why I am choosing a simpler life? 

People will a lot of times say gee I wish I could, I would love to if I had more time, more land, more money that they would do a lot of things. I think that was a huge push for me into wanting to change my lifestyle and provide a simpler life for my children. 

My ex husband was all about living beyond means, everything was a show and was fake including our marriage.  When I moved back home something inside from living with him humbled and I became a new person and I became cleansed. There was no longer the need for the newest clothes, new car, new phone, name brand everything. And of course part of that was learning that I was lucky at the time if I had two nickels to rub together to equal a dime but, part of that was also me personally discovering for myself that it wasn’t who I am and it wasn’t who I wanted my children to be.   

When Matt, my fiancé, came into our lives about six months after we left our situation it was like the click happened. Okay here is the direction that I want to go, here was this young guy, starts dating someone who is divorced, has been abused, has two kids, they’ve both been abused, my oldest son suffers from CPTSD because of it and at the time it was presenting like ASD, and he and his family embraced us. They have taken us on as their own family, they consider the two older boys their grandchildren, and they have never shown to think twice about it.  Matt has brought us along with him on his journey of joining the military and every single step of the way he has no problem stepping up and saying yeah those are my kids.  

It was the down home values that helped encourage the change the most and coming from a very country minded family myself it has helped shape the change evey step of the way.  

Some of the most frugal people in our country are the Amish and the Menonites and I think that my family and myself can learn a thing or two from their lifestyles.  The idea for the project started because here I was a single mother getting help from the state with the SNAP program and having a four year old with sensory disorder with foods leads us to eat a very healthy diet, he is primarily a befit arisen it was never taught to him, never encouraged just something that he as a person decided was how he wants to eat.  It’s much like the SNAP challenge that many in Hollywood have tried and admitted to failing that it is unbelievably difficult to eat a healthy diet in the SNAP program. Our weekly average for produce alone is around $75, so why not encourage self sustainability through gardening and over the last two years that has been something that the program has been trying to do they have changed the program so that seeds and plants for fruits and vegetables are covered. 

Right now the spring early summer crops are in this includes all if our tomatoes, lettuce, beets, summer squash in both yellow and green varieties, cucumbers, green beans, onions, carrots and strawberries. For mid June planting I have pumpkins in jiffy cups preparing for transplant and I also have butternut squash. For the beginning of August I still have Brussels sprouts to plant. I also am thing asparagus which is a perineal a chance and that is in and they are expected to grow this year but through research I’ve learned it will be much better harvested next year. 

With what I have alone by end of June I should be able to cut my grocery bill in half for the month.  And it’s all part of leaning to live more wisely. 

Another part of changing my lifestyle is minimizing use of electricity. In the last month my father and I have cut our electricity bill by $30, simply by making sure that things are turned off when we aren’t home.  Lights, televisions, fans.

Other things that I have begun looking into now that I am temporarily out of my main job as a CNA because of issues with my pregnancy I can’t be rolling and moving people who are unable to move themselves, is really saving money in every aspect of my life and it does add up fast. We all go out everyday and even if you only have a twenty in your pocket you come home with at least $5 in ones and I just started tucking those away and within a month I’ve managed to save $200. I have also started giving much more consideration to things like price per diaper in packs. On average I was spending about .25 cents per diaper which isn’t horrible but my future MIL found and got me six packs of pull ups for my older son yesterday for .15 cents a pull up and so I’m beginning to watch things like that much more carefully. 

One of our other large purchases food wise is pickled beets my kids and myself can’t get enough of them I am anxiously awaiting the beet harvest so that I can learn how to make them. Ultimately if I were in my own home I would like to have a root cellar to store things like beets, potatoes, and onions in but because my father is a dog breeder and I live with him right now that isn’t an option. 

Modest living has become not just an expirament for me but is becoming a way of life. I have made the personal descion that the phone I have right now which is already a model behind for the iPhone, I am going to continue to use that until it dies and I think at that point I am going to look to take another step backwards off of the grid and look at getting a dumb phone back something simple with numbers and basics.  It is amazing how often you catch yourself I this modern age eveything is reach for the phone. You want to catch up on the news, take a picture, listen to music, kill time it’s right for the phone we go and I want my children to have a parent that is present not nose down in the iPhone. Given my situation with safety because of my ex husband a phone is something I will always have, but starting soon I don’t need a phone that can access eveything.  There was a time not that long ago when the only people who had blackberry phones were people who needed the instant access of the web and email and it was doxtors nurses lawyers business people.  

I have said it before I’m not looking to prepare for the end, I’m not looking to create a movement or join a movement these are just life style choices that I feel are right for me, my family.  

As always readers

God bless 

Peace happiness and salvation



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  1. Irwineyes says:

    Living is simple is valuing happiness without the consent of monetary. Being happy will help elevate oneself to being able to prosper better in life too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mommy2jdnaj says:

      Totally agreed. I think that as a nation we are not only an instant gratification nation so we see a lot of our people falling into a great deal of trouble with debt but also its that theory that bigger and newer is better. I think that we have been trained to think commercially if you are feeling x,y, or z then by this take this and you will feel better. Thanks for the comment!


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