Giving thanks! 

Happy Wednesday  Readers, 

I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and in doing whatever you did you took time to remember those who’ve serves our nation. My boys and I participated in a one mile walk to honor those who’ve served and given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, through #wearbluetoremember. 

I’d like to take a moment to share with you the names of the three service men we walked for. 


I personally knew Steve and he was not only a terrific griend he was just an amazing person
We did not personally know these two men, but it was an honor to bare their names as we walked

It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in New England it was a bit chilly but the sun was out!!! 

The boys after our scavenger hunt

It was so nice, I took them outside and we had an outdoor scavenger hunt for items from nature. The best part is that it’s completely free, and all the benefits are your own because you get the vitamin d from the sun, and the chance to enjoy nature. We got our checklist off of pintrest.  


For little boys this was perfect.  It was a great way for us to practice counting since, I call them little boys because that is how I see them but in all Hornsby we are talking about a preschooler and a late toddler.  They are both very mature for their age, often times I forget that the youngest isn’t even 3 yet when I expect them to behave perfectly. As my father would say though if anyone was meant to be a mother in the 50’s or 60’s it would be you because you don’t believe in the nonsense that they project for parenting now a days. 

We spent yesterday morning enjoying the sun and the nice weather out in the garden. We’ve had a lot of things begin to pop and we’ve seen quite some growth in our tomato plants. 

 We were also able to get in carrots, spinach, and yellow and green summer squash.  

As you all know the main reason I could never completely move my family off grid is because I am seen weekly at the hospital for severe vitamin deficiencies and without treatment my body would stop and has in the past producing its own blood. So every Wednesday when I’m not writing to you great people I’ve began following some blogs and also reading a great homesteaders magiZine. 


my midweek pick me up at the hospital

I defined suggest both they are great reads. I also had some company today since my oldest son got out of school for the summer on Friday. 


Very excited that tomorrow is the big day for pumpkins. I am in love with fall, being from New England I think it’s hard not to.  I found an amazing fall mixture to make pumpkin soap which  I will be sharing with you coming autumn and letting you know the ease

Until next time readers 

Peace happiness and salvation

God bless



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