A childless afternoon 

Almost any child in the free world would jump at the opportunity to go out with Nonnie and Grampa for the afternoon and go to a birthday party with other kids and cake and ice cream.  My two boys are no exception to this at all, but yesterday they were all about helping me!! 


cleaning the leaves out of the bed

They helped me clean all of the leaves out of my front bed. I got in my strawberry plants andtransplanted some that I already had from previous years. I did pull a few grubs from the soil, which are bad for any plants and strawberries especially don’t do well so I will have to keep an eye on that. 

 One thing that I have come to find with this is that my OCD tendencies work well for a homesteading lifestyle I like things to be a certain wa, maintained a certain way, done a certain way, kept a certain way. This has kept me very organized and also very on track with planting and weeding. It does however make accepting help from anyone other than my father who has taught me many of my homesteading tips very difficult because when people don’t do it my way that I’ve been taught over the years it irritates me.  My fiancé attempted to help me water the garden and I said forget it!!! 

It’s a good thing that we did get some rain last night and into today although the temperatures have been harsh for my pepper plants and eggplant. Today our town announced that we are in drought conditions, which I knew was coming, and as part of that they have placed a water ban in effect.  

Town of Plymouth announces water ban

It looks like I will be getting up early to water before I take the boys to daily activities because I’ve always been taught and followed the old adage you don’t put things to bed wet and our night temperatures are still dropping well into the 40’s. 

Simplistic life for us though is more than just our start up homestead. It is about getting back classic American values that generations before mine thought to be important, it’s putting down the devices and unplugging from the world with our children. 


It’s ice cream dates, splashing in puddles, cuddling with our puppy, helping nonnie take the dog for a walk and spending our days together. 

Thank you again readers for another great addition. Your numbers continue to grow and our popularity is rising. I hope that God blesses you all with a wonderful few days until we meet again. 

As always peace, happiness and salvation God bless



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