Snowy morning 

It’s a snowy morning here on the homestead complete with crafts,sledding, snow police cars, and of course hot cocoa!


Minion Valentine’s day Cards

This morning we started making our valentines for school. I started by pre-cutting all of the pieces for the boys out of construction paper.  If you would like to try here’s what you will need.

Construction paper in various colors ( blue, yellow, white, brown, and black are a must)

Black marker  or crayon

Glue ( sticks work better with little ones)

1 piece of yellow can make 6 of the tall minion, better known as Kevin. After getting his body cut outi traced his bum region on blue paper so that I would know how wide to make the overalls. For the eyes I simply cut out circles on the fold of paper so that they would only have to glue one piece. Smiles I did half moons in black. I then separated all of the pieces into piles and allowed the boys to put them together themselves with the glue sticks. My oldest made sure to draw in the shoes and blacks for the eyes.

Jonah’s minion

Jonah is my oldest son, he recently just turned 5, and like many 5 year olds is a huge Despicable Me fan. He pointed out that this minion is supposed to have a teddy bear which is where the brown comes!
We finished every minion with a simple Valentine’s Day salutation and signed our name!

 The police force of our neighboring town had actually gained quite the Facebook buzz over the last year, they offer comical posts with a great twist for the kids that they have minions working for them on the force. Given the theme of our morning we couldn’t resist our opportunity at five minutes of fame by sharing with them the creation of our very own minion squad car.

With the help of a little blue spray food color, we didn’t do so poorly. Of course our yard has little snow left.

Our outdoor fun today wouldn’t have been complete of course without sledding. Growing up in New England as a child some of the things you look forward to most are the building of snow forts and sledding.

What fun it was!


Of course the best time on the homestead is getting to snuggle the homesteads smallest members and enjoying every minute that we have with them this small and being thankful everyday that God has given them to us. So we wrapped our day with some snuggles in costume and some nice hot cocoa!

As always have a blessed night from all of us here on the homestead.

God Bless,


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