What’s the dirt?

Happy Saturday Readers! 

I hope that you have had a great week and that everything you have set your mind to is happening! 

Following with our theme this year of urban gardening I wanted to share a great way for urban gardeners to get the dirt on composting. 

For this project I took a Rubbermaid laundry sized tub with lid. I had my husband drill 30 holes in total into the bin and lid. 

Now composting can seem scary, smelly and down right dirty but I am here to tell you that when done  correctly it’s not! It will benefit your garden and our environment. Compost is full of yummy nutrients from the foods we eat, to feed the yummy foods we grow! Things like eggshells help plants like tomatoes get valuable calcium that prevents blossom rot! 

There are three vital categories to compost. 

  1. Brown
  2. Green
  3. Water 

Browns are your dead leaves, plants, branches, and twigs. 

Greens are things like fruit and vegetable waste, lawn clippings, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and shredded paper. 

Water is the third ingredient and also the most difficult to manage and the most important balancing act of the process.

These three things mixed with patience and time will give you a great addition to your soil for your plants. 

It is very important that at least once a week you turn your bucket either by rolling it or taking a shovel and turning your compost. This will help break down all that good stuff.   After about two weeks you will see it beginning, and you will begin seeing earthworms joining your bin if it is outdoors. If you are keeping your compost bin inside you can aid this process by ordering earthworms to add to your pile. 

Within three to five weeks you will have useable compost! Happy composting! 

Here are some great reading links for you from the EPA on composting 



 Here is some of my progress! 

Early Girl Tomatoes

Have a wonderful blessed day! 



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