Why not sharing my political views doesn’t make me a coward…

For the last eight years I have kept my political opinions to myself.  Now, some may say this makes me a coward, or even stupid because I won’t commit myself to one candidate and say that I agree with them completely. That I am afraid of the ever lingering political correctness police, but the truth is that over the last several months while everyone else has been losing friends on social media and acting like the keyboard warriors of the world, I’ve been sitting back and laughing.

Our entire country has divided recently, I feel like I am witnessing the parting of the Red Sea first hand as I watch people have rant, after rant on social media regarding our upcoming election.  The truth is, I have agree and disagreed with things that all of the candidates have said at some point in time, yes… EVEN TRUMP.

The truth is, not revealing my political affiliation, and engaging in open discussion about what candidate has to offer is empowering, and educating.  Having a free and open mind, gives me the ability to listen to everything that everyone has to offer on their candidate, so that when that fine day in November finally comes I have the more information to weigh each candidate on, rather than just a head full of propaganda that I have been fed by an individual party or candidate.

All of 2016’s Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates


And when I say that I have listened to you all at one point or another it’s true.  I have listened to the HERs, the Berners, the Trump Thumpers, The Greenies, EVERYONE!

Not engaging in social media banter, over who is right and who is wrong doesn’t make me a coward though.  If anything, I would say that makes me rather mature.  Elections are open to those who are over 18 years of age, the age that you can go out and decide to get a tattoo, or buy cigarettes in some places, it’s the age that you can join our armed forces and be sent over seas to fight for our country, so why is it that we have so many people in our country who are getting into a fifth grade mentality (( and I use the fifth grade loosely because I have seen some people act just down right infantile over this election)) and resorting to name calling, fraternity level fist fighting with elderly, and even pulling the very elementary “If you don’t agree with me, we cannot be friends any more”.  While everyone has sat back, and sided with only their party, I’ve had the opportunity to watch both large party conventions, I have had the pleasure of watching Jill Stein go to town rallying outside of the DNC ((I guess she didn’t get an invitation)).  I have listened to candidates address the VFW, and so much more.  I have had the opportunity to use my own mind to come to conclusions regarding who I think is the best candidate for our country.  I have to say though this election makes me so sad for humanity though.  It saddens me that people in our country feel that it is so right to immediately resort to violence because their opinion isn’t shared.  It saddens me that people have so little knowledge about our government system, that they think and honestly believe that the President has sole power of our county.  Now don’t get me wrong, they definitely have the ability to go over people’s heads, but in general there is a process of how things have to be done, and the President just strutting into the Oval Office and laying down law is not it.

Our country was built on the idea of free speech, and free thinking so why is it that people are just going so far out of control.  I can say with great pride, that my ability to keep my mouth shut this election has saved me many friends… (I know what you’re thinking, you have a particular candidate in mind… I’m not going to say, stop it!)

At the end of the day, yes this is a very important decision, this is very true.  But, are you honestly ready to allow this to break up relationships, ensue family anger, and lose friends over it.  So the next time you’re at a party, or social function and someone gets on their soap box, clear your mind of all your political affiliations and say to yourself I am going to give this person ten minutes of my time.  Ten minutes, to explain to me why it is they feel the way they do.  At the end of that ten minutes just thank them, “Thank you for sharing your opinions with me, I never thought of it that way before”, and move on with your day.  You may actually be surprised that you could learn something.


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