Grateful for what I have, and celebrating Derby Days

Every Day I am honestly grateful for everything I have…

There are certainly days that I wish I had a beautiful little girl, with beautiful flowing hair, days that I get tired of nose picking, farting contests, and of course the giant vast knowledge that I now have of both the DC and Marvel Universe.  But days like today make me realize how truly and unbelievably lucky I am that I got ALL BOYS.

I used to think that it was some type of cruel joke being played on me by God, that perhaps at some point I had done something to offend him, but then my Christian roots set back in and I remember well God knows how much I dislike most of womanhood.  The cycles, the mood swings, everything girly and frilly, the make up and hair, dating, the drama, and then I realize… THAT GUY DID ME A FAVOR! So I know the difference between Falcon and Hawk Man, I have seen every version of Spider Man, including the ones from my teenage years featuring Toby McGuire that just don’t come even close to Andrew Garfield.  The fact that I am spending my Sunday rewiring a Power Wheels, I mean aside from the fact that makes me pretty BA (Bad A$$) I wouldn’t honestly want to change any of these things for anything in the world.  Some women would dream of spending a night in bed with four men, in my house that has an entirely different meaning and makes that twin sized bottom bunk in the older boys room,  VERY APPEALING!

The boys with their cousin McKayla

Now summer in our house also means the peak of DERBY SEASON! Now if you aren’t familiar with what I mean, unfortunately I cannot say that we are classy enough to be meaning Kentucky Derby.  No, I am talking about SMASHING DERBY, where you take a clunker, and crash it for fun! Now, I have my brother Joe to thank for my sons interest in this but I give him this he is a great uncle and Godfather.  However if they want to follow in his footsteps, then it’s a good thing they are starting now because he is a champion!

My brother Joe after he won the Marshfield Fair 2015

JM Motorsports Productions INC, has a wonderful children’s derby every year at one of the local fairs, where children come out to have their very own derby with Power Wheels.  When my brother first approached me with the idea of this derby I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first.  Then of course I came back to reality and remembered my children ride four wheelers, there is no way that this could be any more dangerous than that.

The truth is once I got there, I think I was enjoying it more than they were.
They had complete enjoyment, and at the end of the day their enjoyment is mine.


It has become my major project of the winter, when I bring the Jeeps in for the winter I get them painted for the next year.  Last year we did an Army Jeep it featured the battlefield cross, Support our Troops ribbons, and our car number was for their Dad who couldn’t be there because he was at Basic Combat Training.

This year we decided on a different theme, SUPER HEREOS! We decided to feature the Hulk and Captain ‘Merica, because let us face it we are talking about ‘Merica nation it is a DERBY CAR!



Notice the explosion of my inner geek when selecting the number for this car!


So my final thoughts for the night are LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE, don’t envy what you don’t because if you do you’re going to miss all of the wonderful that you have right in front of your face.  You cannot go through your life trying to please yourself by pleasing other people.  Worst of all if that is all you do, you may miss out on something that would have been so much more amazing.  Strive for greatness in every single day no matter what it is, live in each moment, especially if you have LOs because they grow so unbelievably fast.



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