Just when you thought it was over

It’s August!

GAH!!!!!! NO!

The kids are going back to school, soon the days will begin to be visibly shorter, slowly our summer flowers are dangling their heads that they are ready to rest.  Even our food gardens are starting to look a little sad!

BUT A LAS! It’s not over until the beautifully rotund woman sings, and that beautifully rotund woman is mother nature, and even though you may think she is beginning to sing her song of Autumn! WE CAN STILL BE PLANTING! That’s right even if you are a New Englander like me and we still have time!

So that’s what we are doing here today at the homestead we are planting all of those wonderful plants that can withstand a bit of that cold weather.  We are doing more beans, lettuce, and spinach.  But you have so many more options than that for late season planters.

Today we are using our seed of choice here, Ferry Morris, I prefer this company for many reasons.  For starters this company is located here in my home state of Massachusetts.  I have also tried many seeds over the years.  For a long time we would only use another brand, however in the last three years we’ve come to notice a much smaller percentage of seeds in that brand taking.

You can help make other plants last longer as well.  In parts of middle America they have contests to see who can yield fresh tomatoes into the fall, some well surpassing the first frost, and even THANKSGIVING!  I haven’t tried this yet but getting ready for a fall fair this year with multiple entries for my tomatoes I will probably be trying this techniques  so make sure you keep tuned in for that!



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