Prepare for the Fair! 

We’ve been away but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been thinking about all of you!

We’ve been getting ready to prepare for a fair!

I had little idea how much work I would put into the projects that I would be submitting to be judged. I do not take kindly to things being judged, perhaps I should have checked this out a bit more before entering in six categories…

Nevertheless! On ward we move into the end of the season. Today we are going to talk PYROGRAPHY!  If you’ve never heard of this before pyrography is the art of burning leather or wood with a heated tool.

I picked this particular heat pen up at Michael’s Craft Store for about $35 it came with about 6 tips and a hot cutting edge.

These tools can range in price from $9 to $900 but in all honesty you can pick up a descent heat pen from your local craft store for around $30. What you are looking for is one that has a thermal control gauge that allows you to change the temperature. This is probably the second most important feature of the tool after the tips.

Some of the most common tips, you can get these tips with most pens, you can also buy back up packs as you can see some of mine are brand new while others look well used and certainly in need of some cleaning.

I started about a year ago and when I did I picked up The Great Book of Wood Burning by Lora Irish to help me develop my craft. The book features great tutorials on brush strokes, designs, and even stencils to help get those creative juices flowing.

My process usually begins with finding an idea this may be one single thing, like a photograph of a person, or it may be a few stock clips that I merge together to create a new image. Pyrography is very similar to paint nights when they give the entire group one stock photo and then everyone gets something a little different.

For this project I combined a few stock images that I found and made some of my own additions.

Once I have my image selected I begin the process of transferring the image to the wood.  There are many ways that you can transfer your image to wood, and in the future I will go over all of them individually to help you learn different techniques but for today I am going to talk about the method I use most. For me my method of choice for most pieces is to use carbon paper and place it over my piece of wood with my design on top. This method can be a little tricky if you shift your hand and move the stencil or the carbon paper you could be looking at lines that don’t quite line up correctly when you are done.

Once this is complete I begin burning the image on to the wood.  Like with drawing everyone has their own set pattern and method that they follow as to how they are going to complete a piece of their work, for me I like to start very similar to a tattoo and I like to complete the entire outline in one similar sized line prior to going back with larger or smaller tips to add in detailing and shading.

Once complete you can add color to your pieces in a variety of ways. You could paint them, or you can use colored pencils.

So in the last week I have completed a few different pieces, and again all of this is in preparation for the Topsfield Fair where I am entered into the Under 12 inch, hand decorated wood category.  Below are some of the things that I have completed burning this week, please feel free to comment below and tell me which is your favorite!


This is another piece that I completed this week a tribute piece to Appalachia’s Popcorn Sutton!

We will be back later this morning and this afternoon with some yummy treats to complete your Saturday! As always readers have a wonderful and blessed day! If you havent found us on Facebook, check us out!



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