Where have I been?

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I finally realized that people may have actually noticed that I have fallen off the face of the planet here in blog world…  I thought that my readership was dominated by people who were related to me by birth and marriage, but today I actually found out that is simply not the case…

So where have I been since August… The answer is on a BUS. Late this August I traded in my work boots, A shirts, and dusty jeans for an 8 foot wide, 40 foot long, almost 11 feet tall school bus.  The picture in my head of a school bus driver always brings me back to the woman in Forest Gump with the cigarette dangling from her lip as she asks him if he knows this is the bus to the school.  While I meet almost all of the same criteria as her with crazy colored wild hair, trash mouth, and dangling cigarette and all, there is much more to being a school bus driver than many would assume.  It has lead me to realize just how safe our children truly are on a school bus, and makes me see just how scary being rear ended in my tiny Go-Kart of a vehicle would actually be.

It has unfortunately also meant that we missed the closing of the farming season here.  The garden is almost completely gone with the exception of a few tomatoes hanging on for dear life, a couple of late zucchini plants that have popped up from ones that had rotted off the vine, and KALE that I couldn’t kill even if I tried.  SO what in the world do we do now?  Well for our smaller location we will pull the remaining plants, clean up the cages, and pack away our things until the spring time.  At our larger location we will till up the land turn in all of those left over plants, and get ready for spring.  Our larger location will be seeing the first major expansion in probably 24 years this spring with the addition of fruit trees, and another 50 by 80 fenced in area specifically dedicated to none other than my favorite things to grow.  Pumpkins!

So if you are anything like me and you are losing patience while reading the news, and watching debates and seeing the debacle that we call home run on and on like many of my sentences DON’T WORRY I will still be here all winter long.  Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean that you have to let your homesteading dream fall to the wayside, there are still many projects that you can do to keep busy and in preparation for spring time.  I personally am hoping to have my workshop all set up within the next month, this addition will allow me to more easily share videos and pictures of my wood working with you, it will allow me more space to show you projects you can create for your garden, and for most people like us who just enjoy the quiet of being able to ACTUALLY WORK without the distraction of the insentient whining of millennials on Facebook (( OHHHH GAWWWWWWD Becky unfriended me, and Susie was throwing some seriously HARSH shade )) , it will give me a spot I CAN GO FOR THAT TOO!

Speaking of which, WHERE HAVE ALL THE NORMAL PEOPLE GONE? What happened to the generations of people who were taught to get up out of bed in the morning, put their pants (( MADE OUT OF GOOD OLD AMERICAN COTTON)) on ONE LEG AT A TIME, go to work (( YES THOSE THINGS WHERE YOU PUT IN ABOUT 8 HOURS AND BRING HOME A PAYCHECK)), they struggled, they had losses and gains, they TRIED THOUGH EVERY SINGLE DAY! They never gave up, they persevered, where are all of those people in these new generations, yes there are some of us, I would like to say that I can include myself in that category, I have struggled and falling, and picked myself up, fallen back on bad times, and here we are on an upswing again.  I long to be part of a generation of people that is like that again…

Until next time

Peace Love Salvation



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