Guns vs. Needles

Before I even get started tonight, you will notice that I have added a Voter Registration button to the page! If you have not registered to vote, please do so! And REMEMBER there are more than two parties do not be brain washed by mainstream media to think that you only have two options! As we have discussed, I don’t discuss! BUT I do encourage you to vote and get out there to the polls on election day and voice your opinion!

If you haven’t come to realize it by now I am not exactly the biggest proponent of “New America”, I do not necessarily believe that we owe the world a hug and smile, I do not believe that fair means that everyone is getting the same thing, I believe in WORKING, TRYING, I am a supporter of the SECOND AMENDMENT, and I have no problem telling people that I am a CHRISTIAN!

My day began at a workshop about keeping our children safe.  It started off as many do, what type of security measures do you take in your home to keep your children safe? Do you have smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, outlet plugs, cabinet locks, a fire safety plan, and then she went for it! GUNS.  Do you have guns? What do you tell your children about guns?

I could feel my blood beginning to boil, not because I don’t believe that people have the right to protest the Second Amendment but because I don’t believe in the FEAR CULTURE in which we live.  Immediately one of the other parents piped up with her FEAR NARRATIVE that we hear all too often, GUNS KILL people, GUNS ARE BAD, ONLY BAD people have GUNS… Wait did you just say that? I had to take the moment to pause her right there.

My children range in age from 1 to 5, now clearly my 1 year old does not have the understanding level to comprehend me explaining to him what guns are, but you best believe that NOT ONLY have my 4 and 5 year old seen a gun, we have had many a long discussions about them, about SAFETY, about what the expectations are involving guns.  It has been drilled into them from the time they were able to begin understanding around 2.  I then explained that in accordance with Mass Hunter Safety Programming, each gun is individually locked with trigger lock, each gun is then locked into a locked cabinet, ammunition is locked into a separate cabinet, and all are then locked into a locked safe room, and my children KNOW they are not allowed in that room.  GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, GUNS ARE INANIMATE OBJECTS! People kill people!

What is it about this “New America” that makes it so hard for people to take OWNERSHIP for responsibility? Someone shoots someone else, and it is the guns fault.  Someone commits a crime and is punished by law, AND IT IS THE JUSTICE SYSTEMS FAULT.  Your kid isn’t performing well in school, but doesn’t attend on a regular basis because they don’t feel like it,  IT IS THE TEACHER’S fault, or there MUST BE A BULLY!  You have a hangnail, you’ve been handed everything your entire life on the silver spoon that mommy and daddy bought with a credit card, because GOD FORBID you actually had to work for something yourself, GOD FORBID there were expectations in life, and IT’S SOCIETIES FAULT.  When is enough honestly enough? When are people going to stand up and take responsibility for their actions.  The person who killed someone, IT IS THEIR FAULT not the guns.  Your kid isn’t performing well in school, well that is your own GOSH DARN FAULT and your kids, MAN UP be a parent not a friend tell them to get their ass to school and do their work, and while I am against bullying, lets be honest the term has become the new hashtag of our country.  Bullying is a behavior that is repeated or has the potential to be repeated, so your kid being picked on one day because they were wearing BOBOs as opposed to real ALL STAR Converse DOESN’T COUNT! STOP ENABLING YOUR CHILD’S INITIATION INTO WHINE BAG AMERICA!

And while we are honestly on the topic for a moment… With all of the liberal anti-gun propaganda in the news I cannot honestly tell you the last time I heard or read a new story involving a child finding a gun just laying on the ground… SO WHY ARE WE NOT EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS ACTUALLY PUTTING THEM AT RISK RIGHT NOW IN THIS COUNTRY!

Right now the Opiode Epidemic is running rampant throughout our country and here in Massachusetts it is especially bad.  My children are more likely to be stuck with a wrongly discarded needle that was thrown down by someone getting a high than they are to find a gun on the sidewalk.  In fact it is so much more likely that this is a conversation that we have to have on a regular basis as we walk to school because at least once a week we pass a needle on the sidewalk, in the gutter of the road, or in the grass at the park.  WHY DON’T WE TEACH CHILDREN THAT!

Well I do, my children are told every single day, just like I enforce gun safety with them every single day, personal body safety, fire saftey, I also have to teach them that they are never to touch needles that they see on the ground.  That only doctors and nurses are allowed to touch needles, and that if they ever, EVER, see a needle on the ground they need to report it to an adult immediately.  While we are on the topic of it too, in many studies about opiod abuse among IV participants 50%-100% of participants in many of these studies are positive for HEPATITIS C!

The gun you, your neighbor, or someone has locked and stored properly OR the needle that was left so nicely in the sand at the playground, left in the grass on the soccer field, left right on the sidewalk where your children go! I say it’s the needle.

I am unapologetically, NOT SORRY!
But I don’t believe that we should be teaching our children to fear something that is used by POLICE, MILITARY, HUNTERS (( Oh GAWWWWWWWWDD she said HUNTING THAT’S ICKY… It hurts animals )) You want to see what hurts animals, look up what ANIMALS LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY ARE DYING OF STARVATION, because hunting keeps animal populations in check to ensure that they don’t completely eliminate their food sources, ohh yeeah and we do need to eat too… AND JUST IN CASE you still want to try to bite back do you realize that hunters pay for most of the conservation land in this country through the purchase of licenses, additional taxes on weapons and ammunition, and personal contributions to private organizations.

Instead maybe if we went back to a mentality that existed in the 70’s and 80’s as many people I have spoken with have told me people didn’t F*#$ with heroin back then because HEROIN killed people!! Guess what?!? IT’S STILL TRUE! NARCAN OR NOT your life as you know it is over the person that you were before you stuck that needle in your arm, leg, toes, fingers IS OVER THAT PERSON HAS DIED!

Until next time folks
Peace, Love, Salvation


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