Raising Southern Gentlemen north of the Mason Dixon

Although I raise all three of my sons with the same core values it would appear to many in my area that my middle son just does not belong here.  Perhaps it’s the vast collection of trucker caps, both army and hunting camo, cowboy boots, tattoos, his talk of hunting and fishing, or his homemade bulls head belt buckle.  To him it is all in the culmination of all of his idols.  My father, husband, two brothers Jake and Joe, and last but certainly not least,  Mr Luke Bryan.

Asher’s belt buckle

Asher is by far what someone would refer to as a Man’s Man, or a southern gentleman although his roots have always been placed far north of the Mason Dixon Line.  But this is nothing more than him showing the values that he has been raised with, and while some may think that is is his emulation of redneck nation, Baby Trump Thumping, or JR NRA material it is actually just him showing his true self…

In our house we do things simply…
1. Men (( Especially the infamous Mr. Luke Bryan)) would always use manners.  We say please and thank you.  We never interrupt when someone else is speaking and if we must we say excuse me.  We chew with our mouths closed, and we do not fart or burp in front of a lady (( Mommies don’t count)) or at the table.

He lives by Ricky Bobby as well, he wants to go fast, because if you ain’t first you’re last! 

2. A man should always treat a lady with respect.  Opening doors, allowing women to go first, treating her like the special person that she is without making her feel as though you are using little kid gloves with her.  Reminding her often that she is beautiful, I m reminded everyday how beautiful I am even with my hair in a pony tail, no make up and jeans, to them it is the beauty that comes from my heart they admire, and they know not all beauty is physical. ((Besides if you were to ask Asher, HOT CHICKS BURN ))  AND most importantly YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN!


3. Take pride in yourself.  You wake up and  you get dressed, this whole trend of rolling out of bed in your pajamas, not bathing, or caring for yourself simply does not fly with me.  You are a human being and human beings get dressed.  You also have the right to be proud of your accomplishments, celebrate them, and share them.

4. While it is important to take care of your outsides, that isn’t that the only thing that is important.  I remind them throughout the day to be their very best, try their hardest, use kind words, be a friend, and be a helper.  Be the friend you want to have.  It is equally if not more important to be a good person in the inside.  If you hurt someone tell them you are sorry, MEAN IT, don’t just say it.

5.  A little bit of hard work NEVER killed anyone.  Yes, CHILDREN should absolutely be able to be children, not disagreeing or debating the fact HOWEVER, children need to be taught to work, children need to learn that not everything in life is handed to you, and that there will not be someone waiting around every corner just waiting to shell out a little bit more money for something.  POINT BLANK, if you want something you work for it.  IF YOU BREAK SOMETHING, you are SOL! Sorry, not sorry!


Far too many children, teenagers, and even young adults seem to have this idea that if I break it, if I lose it, if I want it, don’t take care of it, etc. SOMEONE will just BUY ME a new one… That is not how the world works, and it is not how life in our family works.

Hard work at 1,4, and 6 is keeping  your room clean, doing what is asked of you with little to no guff or back talk, helping with chores, and around the yard.  There are clear cut expectations, and it seems that at 4 and 6 the two oldest are beginning to realize this better than MOST OF THE MILLENNIALS!

Planting at our small location

6. No matter how bad you have it, there is always someone in the world that is struggling worst than you.  I am so proud to have children that understand this one, and thrive to succeed at this one.  In March they began collecting pennies for the children at St. Jude’s and I am very proud of them, and to say that by July they had raised $45.87 for those children in pennies alone.

With his first almost full jar for the children at St. Jude’s

7. Live, your life cannot be lived to it’s fullest potential stuck in front of a television, computer or a tablet.  Hike, bike, run, play! Try new things!

8. Most importantly LOVE! Love your family, Love your neighbor, Love your country, and Love God.  And I am so proud to say that my children are raised to love and honor all of those things.  To love and honor the relationships they have with each other, they’re brothers and they are thick as thieves, they have a love for their family and extended family that could spread across the many miles that their family is spread across.  They have a love for their community, they take pride in helping to pick up rubbish on their way to school, get angry when they see that people have littered, they know the crossing guard, the bus drivers, and our neighbors.  The love and honor this great place that we call home, the have a great respect and love for the American Servicemen and women and they call them what they are, heroes, idols.

Jonah, Joshua and Asher on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come!


Joshua, Asher and Jonah waiting for a special surprise from Santa Claus (( Daddy was surprising them by coming home from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma))



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