Good Morning Everyone! 

Now the truth is that I love you all no matter where you are coming from, but I don’t have time to check prices around the country so if you have an awesome deal like this in your area PLEASE SHARE BELOW IN THE COMMENTS OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!! 

Many of you know I hold no favoritism towards a particular seed company. I do tend to buy more from Ferry Morris because they are based and operated out of my home state of Massachusetts. I have had horrible luck in the past with another BIG NAME company who I won’t mention their name. I tend to buy on price, availablilty of what I need, and past results from a company. 

So the seeds today I have to tell you if you’re in New England RUN, YES RUN don’t walk to your nearest Dollar Tree location.  They have seeds by American Seed. I have used them in the past the majority of my vegetables started from seed last year were from them, I thought I got a good deal last year at $.98 a pack. BUT GET READY!!! 4/$1 at Dollar Tree! I picked up 40 packs the other day for a cool $10!!! 

Upon doing more research to find a photo of their logo for you! I actually found out they’re owned by the same Plantation Products parent company as Ferry Morris! 

This a fantastic deal! If you’re getting ready to start your seeds, if this is your first time to start from seed and you’re not sure you should invest all that money, this is the deal for you! 


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