Good Morning! 


Mornings are generally easier for me to get post out, gives me a chance to sit down just drink my coffee and get things written. 

Now that we have our cabinet our seeds have a nice little home to get started in. Our lights finally came! So let’s talk about starting seeds. There are many different containers you can get seeds started in. What I’ve found is you need to pick the container that works not only best for the plant, but also for you, so you will see I start seeds in a wide variety of ways.  I prefer peat style cups, they’re biodegradable so when it comes time for planting in the ground you simply pull off the bottom maybe slit the side with a pair of scissors and put them in! I personally find it helps to reduce shock. 

When discussing shock in plants, things to remember to are somethings don’t transplant well, so while it may seem like a great idea to start everything in the 100 hole trays, plants that are going to get large may be best being put into a single, larger container from the get go, like tomatoes. Tomato seeds can grow very quickly, and starting them in small cells means more frequently transplanting them to larger containers. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEART ACHE ! There’s nothing worst than putting in all that hard work, having these beautiful seedlings, transplanting them to a larger container ONLY TO HAVR THEM SUFFER SHOCK AND DIE! 

Every gardener will tell you something different about what to use for soil when starting seeds. THAT GOES BACK TO WHAT I KEEP SAYING, everyone is different and most have methods they’ve tried over years and it’s worked for them and other things may not have. DO WHAT YOU THINK IS BEST, FOR YOU AND YOUR PLANTS! I’m not even sure of the products name, it is a no name soil they carry at Walmart when seeds start coming out, it is generally $2 a bag and I usually start with that. Companies come out with 8 different varieties of soil, they make claims they’re best for this or that.  I use whatever is available, and yet to have had an issue. 

Water!!! The source of LIFE! And for seedlings can also be the source of death!!! This time of year it really is best to have a watering can with a shower head. Few reasons behind that. 

  1. And I did this for years until I realized the madness! Unless you have a massive kitchen, your seeds probably aren’t starting there, so your moving as many  cups or trays as you can to the sink area to use the hose nossel on the faucet. It’s taking you more time, you’re risking dropping them (( done that too))!!! 
  2. Open spout cans can release too much water damaging the plants. (( DONE THIS TOO)) 

Before you put your seeds in water the soil really well. Depending on the size of the bag of soil I buy I may even just mix water right into the bag. 

Tonight we’re going to be starting seeds LIVE on our Facebook page FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT be sure to come and check that out! We will also be announcing the winner of the $10 Dollar Tree gift card!!! 


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