Bad Plant Parenting, don’t worry though it happens to the best of us! 

Sometimes as plant parents, we flub and we’ve all been there and no amount of gardening experience makes the difference. That’s okay! And it is only a temporary set back on a marathon mission! 
If you’ve had a kick with bad plant parenting fear not! Here’s what you will need to become plant parent of the season again!! 

  • Seed starting tray or 5 gallon pail 
  • Water (I prefer it to be hot, or at least warm) 
  • 20-30 minutes
  • And your fingers 

So you’ve come back to your little plant babies and you see that they are VERY dry. The soil may even be pulling away from the sides of your pot. They look like they are head straight for the compost pile! 

STOP! Proceed no further because if they’re still a little green, even yellow WE CAN FIX THIS! 

For seedlings you will want to fill plastic tray with approximately ¼ inch of water. If your plants are a little older, or potted houseplants you can use a 5 gallon pail filled approximately 3-4 inches and submerge your plants under water. With older plants and houseplants you can also toss some Miracle Grow, or water soluble plant fertilizing aid to help give them a little extra loving! 

If your soil is separating from your pots regular watering alone won’t help. If you’re using plastic pots you will want to take a fork and physically break up the soil creating air pockets before soaking. If you’re using peat pots you can roll the pot between your hands loosening up the soil. 
After 20-30 minutes you should already be able to see the difference. Your little plant babies will be visibly happier, if you watch you may even be able to see them begin to spring up! 
Happy planting! Peace, Love, Salvation



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