Did you think I forgot you? 

I hope not! There have been so many things going on over the last few weeks here at The Half-Acre Homestead. 

We’ve been getting all of our seedlings started over the last few weeks. We have been hoping to get our outdoor sows in but two final blasts of cold and snow here in the north east have kept us from doing so. That has been hard and could be a potential blow on some of our vegetable production for the year as far as peas and Brussels sprouts go. Luckily for us we do get two planting times for both of those so hopefully what we lose out on in the first planting we will be able to make up in the second. 

Although on the bright side we have plenty of broccoli, and cauliflower seedlings to get us started. We are also now starting to get into the time we can get our spring sows growing. So we have tomatoes planted and we are always trying to get more things going so that when May comes it is that much easier. 

Having my new workshop space has made that so much easier as well. When you’re planting 100 Roma tomatoes you need space! That’s right you didn’t read that wrong I have 100 Roma tomato plants in my little plant incubator right now. Why so many? Chances are not all 100 will make it and then from the survivors we will be sharing the love between multiple households.  

Of course that’s not all that happenings going on, we’ve launched a Twitter exclusive to The Homestead Transformation! We’ve launched a YouTube channel! 

And of course we are still woodworking for the next month until we go on hiatus for planting and growing season. We have been commissioned to do our largest piece yet which is based around the Boston Bruins logo. It will be a 3×3 piece the wood is all ready for that.

We will be back later this morning! We will be showing of those awesome plants! We will talk about turning a utility shelf into an indoor greenhouse, and so much more be sure to check it out later this morning!!! 

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