Easy Inexpensive Wreath

I’ve read a lot of messages lately from parents who feel discouraged about decorating seasonally and for holidays. Fear not parents I’m here to help, with the help of my friends at The Dollar Tree! 

Crafting can be expensive there is absolutely no disputing that what so ever! With the creation of Pinterest and Etsy craft stores have made a killing over the last five years on the dimes of hard working crafters. There are ways to shop and get around that though! 

If you’re particular to big box craft stores and you have a sufficient crafting space then you’ll want to head on over to those craft stores the day after every holiday. With prices slashed to get out the old and being in the new you could be looking at savings of 40% or more! 

If even that isn’t in your budget though don’t worry. The Dollar Tree offers great prices with everything being just $1 and often a wonderful holiday or seasonal selection plus the crafting necessities to make it happen. 

One of the newest trends hitting Pinterest hard is wreath making. Every single season, every single holiday there is a wreath to be made! 

Late Summer/Fall
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day

Well don’t worry about it. New to The Dollar Tree are the wreath rings and depending on the time of year you. At even be able to snag a wreath heart! Today we will show you how to make a basic wreath for Easter! 100% created out of Dollar Tree products! 


  1. 1 wire wreath ring
  2. 1 bag pipe cleaners 
  3. 1 roll of mesh ribbon
  4. 2 bags of plastic fillable Easter eggs
  • Supply total $5 

((Watch me freeze on camera while I make this HERE!!!)) 

With you wire wreath in front you, position so that the rounded side is face up. Take your mesh ribbon roll and tie it to your wreath ring around any inner wire. Using an inner wire allows you better coverage of the knot later. You can unravel the roll of you find that easier, however I find that it is easier to next begin wrapping the entire ring in the mesh ribbon of it is still attached. Depending on how you want it to look you can choose to just go around once until it’s completely wrapped or you can do several layers, that is entirely up to you. With a hot glue gun begin glueing plastic eggs to the mesh. You can do this in any pattern or placement that you would like. I have chosen to keep my eggs fairly well clumped together. Take your pipe cleaner and weave it through a piece of mesh on the back of your wreath. Fold together and twist the top and now your wreath is ready to hang. 

Finished product!

If you wanted to get a little more creative and add a little more flair to your wreath you could use some Easter basket grass along the bottom and make it appear that your eggs are hiding. You could even add some bunny ears to the top! 

So in about 10 minutes for $5 you’ve created a one of a kind door piece for your house. Understanding even more how budget can affect this you could choose to have a craft night with a friend. You could spread your eggs out a little more and with the addition of grass you could cut costs by sharing products. You can also cut costs by recycling an old cardboard box. Just go into your pantry and select two bowls that fit inside one another and trace onto the cardboard and cut! Use a dollop of hot glue instead of tying and wrap the same way. Even more savings and utilizing reduce, reuse, recycle!

Another great crafting and decorating tip using the Dollar Tree as a source, would be to pick up some of the frames in varying sizes! As your kids bring home work from school that reflects the holiday or season that you’re decorating for frame it! Mount to the wall using 3M strips or put it on your mantle! 

But The Dollar Tree also offers decorations that are already made! And once again at their alway low price of $1 if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body or the time to do it you can always pick up something that’s been done for you! 

For more great tips check back through our blog, our Facebook or soon on our YouTube channel! 

As always from all of us here at the Homestead 

Peace, Happiness and Salvation 



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