Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Garden Hose Wreath

Crafting Cheap Take 2!! To help out my frugal friends I’ve decided to share with you another great DIY cheap craft. 

If you’re down for some spring time decorating but want to leave the bunny behind FEAR NOT! I have another cheap craft solution to ease your woes. 

Today we are going to be doing a little bit of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I want you to head down to your basement, over the years of gardening, lawn planting, having kids I am sure that you’ve picked up at least one hose, and I’m sure that you may even have one that isn’t doing the job any more. That’s it, that guy right there is going to be the centerpiece of our wreath today! That’s right we are making a $2 wreath today! 

Supplies Needed 

  • Old leaky hose 
  • Gardening Glove 
  • 2 bunches fake flowers 

Total $2 at The Dollar Tree

For this wreath we are going to make coils with the hose in 6 to 8 inch circles. Using string, yarn, pipe cleaner, zip ties really whatever you have laying around the house, secure your circles together to keep them from coming undone. Make sure to get it nice and tight. 

Next, we’re going to add our flowers. I choose a pretty group of flowers that matched my hose and gloves. You can either add another zip tie to attach your flowers, or you may opt for hot glue. 

Over the stems, lay down your rogue garden glove, or if you have a set you don’t mind parting with you can use both. I know I have 8,000 pairs of them so I tossed both on! We’re almost done we just have to secure those gloves in place and embellish with a bow! 

And there you go!! A wreath that is a perfect symbol of what spring is in about ten minutes! And hopefully only $2. 

If you don’t have ribbon, pipe cleaners, gloves, or you want to add a butterfly!!  You can pick them all up at The Dollar Tree! 


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