Happy Saturday readers! 

Saturday is Future Growers day here on the homestead.  With the start of our new YouTube channel we’ve created a new weekly series called Future Growers. Every Saturday we will be showing children the love and joy of gardening and homesteading. ​

This week our future growers started working on their spring flower gardens, while taking on Pinterest! And let me tell you these two kids made adult instgram fails look even worst! 

It never turns out this well!

Our aspiring future Growers Asher and Mikayla took on the project by storm and you can take on our mini version as well. 

Here’s what you will need 

  • 1 package small pots (4 per package) 
  • 1 package medium pots (3 per package) 
  • Potting soil (if you don’t have some already) 
  • 2 six packs pansies or flower of your choice. 
  • Hot glue and gun 
  • Meat skewers 

We choose to use pansies for this project for a few reasons. For one pansies are a hardy plant, they have a high tolerance to cold temperatures which is good here in New England. We also choose them for their hardiness because small growers hands are not always the gentlest with root systems. 

We started off by drilling holes into the bottoms of all of the smaller pots. These holes are important of course for drainage purposes, but also because we are going to use these holes to slide the skewers through to create the illusion of the floating tipping pots. 

Once you’ve drilled your holes into the pots, an of course if you can find a pot that has holes already you can skip that step, we are going to move over to our larger pot.   In the bottom of your medium sized pot you’re going to want to put a generous blob of hot glue into the bottom. I put down a dollop about the size of a half dollar. Take your skewer and put it into the glue standing up vertically. Your skewer is still going to have a good amount of give at this point. To help stabilize it I then added about 2 inches of potting soil that I packed down. 

Once your skewer is in place and standing strong you will want to fill the rest of your pot with soil. Typically when planting you would want to leave room in the soil for your plant, however with this project because our next pot stacks on top of the soil it was easier to fill all of the cups initially and then remove excess after. 

With your bottom cup filled and your skewer in place you can now add your second pot. This pot will sit partially on the soil of the first.  Now take your third and final pot and slide it on to the skewer. You want to continue to encourage it to angle in either direction. It will most likely need some type of adhesive to remain in that position and be stable. We opted for hot glue. Just run a bead right at the seam that is made where the two pots meet. 

Now that all of your pots are in place simply add plants and top of with any extra soil you may need and you’re all done! 

The great thing about these small and medium plants, which I got at no place other than… that’s right folks THE DOLLAR TREE !! Is you could put this project together and you could put it in a large window, or in your kitchen and easily grow herbs for cooking out of it as well! 


We hope you enjoy it! Please head over to our YouTube channel and like and subscribe if you haven’t already so that you can find out every time we post a new video. And be sure to check back every Saturday for the next episode of Future Growers. 

Peace Happiness Salvation



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