Tomatoes – Part 1

18 that’s right!
Our greenhouse is budding with life right now. Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, tomatoes, and well you guessed it more tomatoes. In fact we have 18 different varieties of tomatoes growing. We have 5 soon to be 6 heirloom varieties. 2 organic and 10 everyday or hybrid varieties. 

Now if you’ve followed me from the very beginning you know that tomatoes are my absolute favorite thing in the entire world to grow.  And boy, oh boy, do I grow tomatoes! 

Let’s play where’s Tara?

Now if you’ve followed us from the beginning, you also know the importance of sharing to me. So even though I will be keeping some of all of these 18 different varieties, they will also all go to very good causes as well. 

For starters romas, fun colored slicing tomatoes, cherries, and early producers will go to the local Head Start Program. There the children learn how to garden, and part of that is that they use the food in their program. Romas will be able to produce tomatoes the kitchen can turn into sauces. The other varieties they’ll be able to add into different foods they will cook for the children. 

My organic varieties are all being prepared to spend their lives in container gardens. We will touch on that more when we get into organic gardening, but for now the jist is that by keeping them as container plants we are able to keep them at their highest organic quality. 

My organics will go to people that hold a special place in my heart, my grandfather and my friend Barbara, both of whom are cancer survivors. Dr. Max Gerson was the earliest doctor to recommend eating organic to cancer patients way back in the 1920’s. Now while there is only theory, and no actual human studies, many believe that an organic diet is better for those who’ve been diagnosed with cancer. 

And of course! All of the plants will get featured individually on our YouTube Channel with individual episodes! 

We will have our stand this year again to! 


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