Big News for Cape Cod

Cape Cod is the vacation wonderland of New England and although at times the traffic can be troublesome, the Army Corps of Engineers made a solution for that with the creation of the Cape Cod Canal Tunnel. The tunnel that has been used for years by permit holders is about to get a new and exciting kick into this century. 

The tunnel, since its opening has only been available to those who held permits, most of whom are Cape Cod or Massachusetts residents. At a press conference held early this morning in Washington however they announced the permit would be going away. 

We feel that it is time that the Cape Cod Canal Tunnel get with the times, as such we will be no longer providing sticker based permitting for its access and instead we will be switching to our own transponder program 

That’s right folks they are switching to a transponder program, but before you get excited note the terminology “our own”. That is because the interstate transponder program already in place will not cover the Canal Tunnel. Instead starting in July Cape Cod residents will have the first chance to snag their resident transponders, but not at the free access cost of the sticker permits. No sir, the Army Corps of engineers will be starting their transponders off at $75 for residents of all Barnstable, Plymouth, and Bristol County communities if they are purchased before August 26th.

 If you don’t snag yours by that date you aren’t completely out of luck you will still be able to purchase one for $125, which believe it or not is still better than $225 non-resident pass! 

But that isn’t even the biggest or best part of their announcement!  

This change will be part of an on going project, we seek to finish in three years which will also help us, help Massachusetts boost their economy through tourism. Our goal more than anything is to have it done by the “400 celebration” for Plymouth.  

That on going project? It is none other than a state of the art underground superplex. 

It features more than 25 retail stores and francises that New Englanders known and love including but not limited to, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, The Lobster Hut and Ernie’s Pizza. And being as though the project was partially funded by Robert Kraft eccentric multimillionaire owner of the New England Patriots, and Cape Cod homeowner, it’s no surprise that inside they will also feature a Patriots museum similar to that of Patriot Place. 

The superplex will also feature an astounding 3,000 parking spaces including one section that is exclusively for travelers who may need to get a good rest after long travels.  

And if chain food isn’t your thing FEAR NOT! The superplex will also feature a giant indoor farmers market that is filled by Cape Cod farmers. 

I know that I certainly can’t wait, but for now Happy April Fools Day. 


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