What we have going on…

Well here it is I am not even gong to say what we have planned for tomorrow, because of course every time that I do… it snows again. So tomorrow we are planning to do something we’ve been planning for the last three weeks.

We will be finishing up filming on a couple spots tomorrow as well that would be our Growing Organic video, we will be shooting Future Growers tomorrow as well. We will also be wrapping up production on soil testing. All of these videos will be airing on our YouTube Channel this week. 

Our greenhouse is FULL and I do mean FULL!! We have over 18 varieties of tomatoes in there, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, strawberries!! We have pepper seeds in the process of germinating, we also have about 15 six packs worth of flowers, summer squash, cukes, lettuce, and spinach all at our germ stations. 

We are hoping once this wet weather passes that we will be able to get our two outdoor greenhouses fully functional. We are getting more grow lights for our indoor greenhouse so that we can have several functioning shelves with adequate lighting. 
So if you haven’t heard!!! We will be starting a new segment on our YouTube Channel called Garden by Surprise if you know someone on the South Shore or Cape Cod area who would like a garden head over to our Facebook page and nominate them. 


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