Upcoming YouTube Lineup 

Hey Everyone! 

If you haven’t checked out our YouTube channel yet, what are you waiting for?

Homestead Transformation
Just click that link right up there, you can see videos that go along with most of our blog posts! We will also be introducing a few new series this summer. We’ve already rolled out 


Future Growers is all about making gardening fun for little ones and teaching them at the same time. We are entering week 3 of Future Growers and we are already seeing that these kids are not only having fun they are retaining information! Season 1 features Asher and Mikayla, and will continue through June! 

We are also still throwing up a lot of our videos about Garden how to. Monday, April 10th we will be releasing our next video. 

It’s a companion video to our last blog post from yesterday. 

Our two new weekly releases will be Garden by Surpise and From Seed to Sustenance! 

If you are from the Cape Cod or South Shore area of Massachusetts we have a few spots left to get in on season 1 of Garden by Surprise. Nominate someone else or yourself head on over to our FACEBOOK for more details or to fill out an application! Filming will take place between May and June and the series will air Mondays starting in July! 

And finally last but not least! From Seed to Sustenance, you’ve grown all this food now what to do with it. Come watch us every Tuesday as we show you how to take all of those amazing plants you grew and turn them into everything from condiments to meals and desserts. From Seed to Sustenance will begin airing in August. 


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