New look same great stuff

Good Morning Everyone,

It was this morning at 5:45, that I decided to go all out and completely update everything that we have called “The Homestead Transformation” for the last four years, just 15 minutes before I had to leave for work.  I felt in a panic, how would I possibly finish everything that I needed to in those 15 minutes, it would be nearly impossible.   As it was.

You see, at 5:47 my middle son woke up and got upset that he couldn’t miss school to come to work with me.  Then the baby woke up.  Then the oldest woke up.  Soon our entire family was awake, and it was time for me to go.  On my way to work I began to think of just everything that I wanted and had to get done.  Vacation next week meant that I had much more free time to film upcoming videos, it meant that I had more time to actually get on here and write, it meant that I could finally get everything just the way that I wanted it. On top of all of that was all of the other day to day things in my life, the laundry, the bills, how are my plants, did I water my plants before I left, remember to text Matt and have him water the plants, call the school, check the little boys school calendar see if they have school tomorrow, go grocery shopping, oh fudge off there is a safety meeting today, STILL NEED TO GET THE POOL FOR THE EASTER BASKET! And as I drove my mind raced with everything.

Then I saw this.
Sunrise Rt 3.jpg

Every morning as I make my way down route 3 surrounded by forest on either side until I hit the Cape Cod.  I am so fortunate to live somewhere that people come to vacation.  Their vacation is my everyday, but most of the time I am to focused on everything I want to do, and everything I want to get done.  I don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty of it.

It occurred to me in that moment, more recently I have been doing the same thing with this.  I have been so focused on getting everything functioning for the YouTube Channel, that I haven’t actually been sitting down in front of the keyboard where it all began.  So this afternoon from the small screen of my telephone, as I sat in the bus lot killing time I began making much needed updates to the blog here that I had been putting off.  Slightly different layout, and by slightly I mean we were rolling on Dyiad this morning and this evening we are rolling on Dyiad 2! I am not one for change, please forgive me.

I want you to know, that I am back! Things will be picking up around here again in the next week, in fact it was something that I had already began working on.  I hope that you like our new look, and I want you to know that we may be growing, but our roots will always be here!

Peace, Happiness, Salvation


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