It takes a village… 

Hello again everyone, 

There is an old adage that almost everyone knows, 

It takes a village to raise a child

My children are certainly no exception to this, as I am sure is the same for most of you. My children have been part of the Head Start village for the last 3 years. A phenomenal program, with amazing, kind teachers and staff who have truly have given my children just that, a head start in life. 

The program encourages family style meals, which in itself is amazing but my favorite part is that during the spring and summer months they teach the children to garden and grow their own food which they then use! They’ve even begun composting this year.  This ties in so closely to our beliefs here at the homestead about the importance of knowing how to grow your own food, learning about patience, dedication, and hard work. Of course also that these valuable skills need to be passed down, or there will be no one to carry on our legacy of gardening and farming when we are gone. 

Our children have been at that program for the last 3 years, they have seen us overcome, move forward, and have moments of struggle. We have been truly blessed since January, having a year of triumph and successes. I’ve gotten a job that I cannot even call work because my love for it doesn’t allow me to as a bus driver, we’ve been able to partner with Ferry Morse, I’ve become one of their expert gardeners. We have been able to add much needed space to try to achieve our goal of growing a years worth of food. We’ve been able to create an orchard space with Apple, pear, and walnut trees. Expanding our fruit with more raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.  We’ve been able to have a fully functioning growing room and greenhouse. Our year of triumph is nothing more than means to give back to those who’ve given to us, a way of better equipping our children’s village with what they need. 

It was our pleasure to partner with Ferry Morse and Head Start to help create the next generation of growers by donating 20 tomato plants to them today. Projects like the Head Start garden, our very own Future Growers and the World Tomato Societies youth growing program are the foundation for ensuring that our skills survive. That the next generation will have leaders equipped with the skills needed to feed those who follow them, even if it is only their own families.  

Until next time!                               Peace Happiness Salvation 



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